Stacie Kemp Photography - Seniors


I had my senior photos taken by Stacie. I loved the day and had so much fun with Stacie and Tia (make-up artist). Stacie worked hard to accommodate all of my wishes and produce breath taking photos. Stacie was very well prepared for the photo shoot and already had many great ideas for poses at each location. For example, Stacie brought a pop-up tent for changing outfits to make sure we could maximize our time together. Stacie also made sure all poses looked and felt natural so the photos wouldn’t look “set-up”. I sent my outfit ideas to both Stacie and Tia to help me narrow my options down and to help make sure that every outfit would look good at each location. Tia also had many make-up ideas for each outfit. Tia made sure that I felt like the make-up looked like me and that I loved it before we went with it.

Just a few days ago, I received all of the final products that I ordered. Wow! They are even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined! The quality is beyond superb! I ordered the keepsake box with mounted photos, the DVD, the wallet box and the linen album. The personalized keepsake box itself is a very durable material and beautifully designed. The mounted photos are of very high quality material. The DVD comes in a personalized case and it is personalized. I actually think this case is the highest quality I have ever seen. The DVD has a premier slide show that clearly displays all of the time and effort Stacie puts into every single photo shoot. The linen album is beautiful! It comes in a linen box. Just looking at the album, you can see the work she put into planning the layout and deciding what would look the best. Stacie wrapped each item very well to insure that everything would be in perfect condition when it was delivered to our door. I had so much fun with Stacie and Tia that I am planning on using them both again! I am so pleased with my senior photos and I would definitely recommend both Stacie and Tia to everyone! -Kailey B

Ali is SOOOOOOO happy with her pics. Her friends at school (and even classmates she doesn’t know that well) are asking for her wallet pictures and say that they are awesome. We handed them out to family members who are all very complimentary about the overall quality of the pics, the settings and your ability to capture such great poses of Ali! Thanks for making Ali’s senior pics such a delightful, memorable experience – from the photo shoot to the delivery of the quality pictures in customized packaging. We let everyone know who the great photographer is!- Sheila S

I cannot tell you how thankful my husband and I are for everything Stacie did for our girls senior picture photo session. I really cannot think of anything negative to say about the entire experience. Stacie did two photo sessions for two girls at the same time without missing a beat. Stacie was extremely prepared for EVERYTHING -- from a pop-up changing tent to knowing Millennium Park like the back of her hand -- choosing the best spots for a variety of different shots for both girls -- and she could not have been more thorough with each girls shoot despite the extreme heat of the mid-July afternoon/evening -- she knew all the perfect spots to cool off between locations -- and she even provided props -- beach hats, scarves and lent her own necklace she was wearing for my step daughter to complete her look at the last minute -- she was so pleased. Both girls told me how sweet and fun and relatable Stacie was during the entire shoot -- which lasted a good 5 hours!! I will recommend Stacie to anyone I know looking for a superb family/high school senior photographer who will undoubtedly capture the moment with grace and class that lasts.- Mary C

Stacie Kemp is an all-around amazing photographer and person. I found her online and fell in love with the photos on her website instantly. I knew she was the right person to take my senior pictures. I wanted modern and unique photos that would set me apart from everyone else and she offered just that. We exchanged emails months before my session to discuss the outfits, locations, and prices and she made everything so simple! The online ordering process was also easy to understand. She emailed and finished my photos quickly. Stacie made the session so fun and I have enjoyed working with her these past few months! The 3 hour drive to Chicago was definitely worth it and I couldn’t thank her enough!- Maria C

My daughter was graduating from a high school in a small town about 60 miles from Chicago. Due to the limited number of photographers in our town all the senior portraits look the same (i.e. in the same corn field, by the same tree, by the same old barn). We were yearning for a photographer that would take more unique, original, one-of-a-kind senior portraits. We were so, so, so lucky to find Stacie who easily, professionally, and expertly fit the bill for the kind of pictures we desired. She was easy to work with, was filled with awesome ideas for places to take the pictures, was passionate about her art, and was fun to be around. Stacie’s portraits of our daughter effortlessly show our daughter’s personality and beauty. They brought tears to our eyes and left us speechless upon first glance and still do today.- Kris W

We were lucky to find Stacie while searching online for a photographer in the Chicago area for my sons senior portraits. He wanted unique pictures in the city, not in a studio. She spent a lot of time before our appointment day talking to us about the kind of portraits we wanted as far as the locations, the wardrobe choices and overall vibe we were looking for. She scouted locations prior to our session so we had a basic plan but she also had great spontaneous suggestions for photo ops along the way. She was easy to talk to and made my son feel comfortable and relaxed. She was interested in capturing his personality and making the photo session his own. We took pictures all over the city including several wardrobe changes and we couldnt be happier with the results. My son got exactly what he was looking for in his senior pictures. We cant wait to share them with family and friends! -Ed R

From Start to Finish....Stacie is a GEM!
We are originally from Illinois and moved to Minnesota. My daughter decided that for her Senior photos she wanted to return to Chicago. My goodness how on earth do I find a photographer for that? A brief search led me to Stacie...Her online gallery speaks for itself! It just gets better once you meet up on session day! Wonderful to work with and my daughter and I had a blast running around the city with Stacie! She has great ideas and open to ideas of the client as well. And it doesnt end there....Stacie is there to help you with the process of ordering and purchasing as well, it becomes obvious that she cares about every client she serves! Stacie is an absolute treasure that I hate to share, but she deserves your business! Great photographer,Great Person! Tracy D

Stacie is so great! She is so creative and easy going! She made my Senior Pictures so much fun and they came out beautifully. She has such great energy and considers all of your ideas in order to make something great! I will definitely be calling her again for pictures! :) Sol D

Thank you for such an amazing experience with Megan's photo shoot! We could not have chosen a better photographer. The personal attention and input you provided on the locations, settings and outfits made such a difference! These senior photos are ones to treasure forever! Kathy K

We traveled to Chicago for our daughter, Megan's, senior photo location. We instantly fell in love with Stacie's work and could not be any happier with the outcome! Stacie surpassed our expectations! Her patience and creativity were her best assets during the photo shoot! She assisted in every detail from arranging make-up artist, Tia, to come to our hotel, giving input on the various locations to choosing which outfit with which setting! It truly was the best experience that we will cherish forever! Skip K

I just want to say THANK YOU for photographing me! I really appreciated your time and effort. The pictures came out BEAUTIFUL and I received great comments from family and friends. Thank you. Jael W

Not quite sure how I can possibly begin to explain how wonderful of a photographer Stacie is, but I will try my best. Though no words can explain just how great she is. I am from a small, southern town in Florida but am a big city girl heart due to traveling so much. So when my mom suggested I get my senior pictures done on my next trip, which happened to be Chicago, I immediately began to look online for photographers. SO SO thankful I clicked on Stacie's website. She was, hands down, the best photographer you could ask for. She helped me decide which outfits to wear and at which location, helped me find a perfect salon to get my hair and makeup done, and all over just made it a wonderful experience. When I met her I felt as if I was with an old friend instead of a complete stranger. She made me comfortable and I was able to be open and honest around her. And I absolutely can't wait until the next time I am in Chicago so I can see her! Not only was she perfect but so was her pictures. She made me feel extremely beautiful while taking the pictures and the outcome was spectacular! The pictures were such great quality and my friends, family members, and I all agree that there is not one we don't like and it's impossible to pick a favorite with how wonderful they all are. Anyone who is considering using Stacie as your photographer, don't consider any more. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made and if I have it my way, she will be my photographer for many other milestones in my life. Breanna C

I just want to thank you again for everything you've done for my senior photos. They look absolutely incredible, and I loved working with you on them. I'll never forget it! :) We received the package in the mail, and they couldn't be better! Plus the way they were wrapped up and put together is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Thanks so much again, you made this unforgettable! Tristin L